My short story, “The Sundowner,” is in Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas, a mystery anthology edited by Angel Luis Colon from Down & Out Books. Net proceeds benefit the People of Puerto Rico.

THE SUNDOWNER by Jessica Laine brings the humor, and even had me laughing out loud. Recently fired from her job, Margarita O’Neill spends her evening at The Sundowner bar, and takes an unusual private investigator gig. I can’t say much more, but what I wouldn’t give for an entire series following Margarita and her telenovela loving mother.


The Go-Gos Small

My short story, “Lust to Love,” is in Murder A-Go-Go’s, a mystery anthology edited by Holly West from Down & Out Books. Net proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

And here’s a wonderful review from BOLO Books:

Lust for Love by Jessica Laine

This story of Lulita Conchita García de Bergen, a wronged wife taking destiny into her own hands would have been entertaining on its own, but because Jessica Laine adds all the clever references to the 1980s to the mix, it is even more wickedly delightful. Everything from C.H.U.D and cabbage patch kids to “the clapper,” Guess clothing, and iconic slang gets a shout out next to an inspired reference to Belinda Carlisle. Thankfully, having this much fun in a serious crime story hasn’t been outlawed.

Cooked to Death: Tales of Crime and Cookery, a mystery anthology from Nodin Press featuring the short story, “Safe Harbor.”

“Lily of the Valley,” a ghost story in The Norwegian-American.

Seasons of Our Lives: Summer, an anthology featuring personal essay plus recipe, “Causa and Effect.” Editors Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett.

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