How to Make a Holiday Centerpiece or Advent Wreath

My son joined Cub Scouts and I bought tons of greenery. I wasn’t 💯 sure what I should make with it since I usually purchase ready-made wreaths and planters at Costco. But this year, I decided to create a planter for myself.

I liked the process of creating it so much that I made a planter for a friend.

Then I made a planter for another friend.

And then another friend asked me if I’d make an advent wreath for her, something I didn’t know much about. But I always love a good challenge, so I went to Goodwill and bought a 90’s advent wreath for $2.

It looked like this:

Yeah, not great.

I purchased some floral wire at the hardware store and brought in my leftover garland, pine branches, and pinecones. I used my hand pruners, wire cutters, and scissors for this project.

First, I clipped off the plastic pine garland.

Which left me with the metal frame.

Then I straightened the candlestick prongs inside each candlestick holder.

Next, I clipped some branches off the garland and grouped them into small bunches. I attached them to the base of the wreath with floral wire.

Sections of the wreath looked bare, so I flipped the wreath over and wired additional branches to the frame.

Once I was happy with the thickness of the greens, I flipped the wreath right side up and secured the pinecones to the wreath by looping the floral wire around the tip of each pinecone. Then I threaded the floral wire through the wreath base.

Last but not least, I added some decorative berries and a plaid ribbon.

In total, I spent around $7, with $4 on the floral wire, $2 on the wreath, and $1 on the ribbon. (I still need to buy candles.) Overall, this was a fun, easy, and inexpensive project and the fresh pine made the wreath smell amazing. I’m planning to make another one as a Christmas centerpiece for my dining room table. Happy holidays, everyone!

Before and After

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